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Sunday, August 21, 2011

TCEQ Levies Hefty Fine on Wise County Driller

J-W Operating Co., an oil and natural gas producer in North Texas' Barnett Shale has been fined for air emissions violations. Read Star-Telegram writer Jack Z. Smith's entire article by clicking on the following link.

Barnett Shale: Barnett Shale operator fined $212,500


Anonymous said...

I can understand a fine for negligence - if that be the case. However, would it not be a better solution for the producers to have appropriate monitoring gages on their equipment that could PREVENT the leakages? What was the communication between TCEQ and the Producer before the readings were taken? How were safety precautions implemented prior to the discharge? This story does not contain enough detail to automatically warrant a fine of this magnitude. I wonder how much monitoring equipment could be purchased for the amount of the fine. I think we need to understand the agenda of both parties. It is foolish to assume anything.

Anonymous said...

Good points texasjune. Most of those adamantly opposed to natural gas drilling and fracturing would most certainly cry foul against ALL producers, regardless of the circumstances. I believe the term most critics use to characterize the industry is "Big Oil and Gas Mafia".