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Monday, August 15, 2011

Devon Energy's Barnett Shale Bet Pays Off

The following Star-Telegram article highlights Devon Energy's Barnett Shale drilling success. The article also examines in closer detail the Benbrook Federal 12 acre drill site in SW Tarrant County that will be home to 35 wells when drilling is completed in March of 2012. I recently visited the site mentioned in this article and posted several of my own photos to this blog prior to this article's release. Check out those photos in this previous post, and then read the complete Devon article by clicking on the following link.

Devon Energy's Barnett Shale bet pays off | Barnett Shale | Dallas Business, Texas Busin...


Anonymous said...

That is very good news. Thanks for your work to keep us updated. We all need to stay tuned to all things that make our state strong.

D.G. Worley said...

texasjune - Thanks for your input, and kind words. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.