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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

“Shale Gas Development is a Game-Changer of Huge Proportions”

What They’re Saying: “Shale Gas Development is a Game-Changer of Huge Proportions” |

“Shale-Gas Boom Spurs Race”: The boom in low-cost natural gas obtained from shale is driving investment in plants that use gas for fuel or as a raw material, setting off a race by states to attract such factories and the jobs they create. Shale-gas production is spurring construction of plants that make chemicals, plastics, fertilizer, steel and other products. A report issued earlier this month by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC estimated that such investments could create a million U.S. manufacturing jobs over the next 15 years. … “This shale gas development is a game-changer of huge proportions,” said Dan DiMicco, chief executive officer of Nucor Corp., a steelmaker based in Charlotte, N.C. … Because electric utilities often burn gas, that price drop has helped bring down average electricity costs. (Wall Street Journal, 12/27/11)

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1 comment:

Gary said...

That's totally awesome that natural gas leasing is leading to such increases in sales, jobs, and production. Amidst a world of doubt that surrounds the crude oil industry, it's nice to hear positive things are coming from natural gas. Yeah for shale drilling!