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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's next for Natural Gas in Texas?

Next up, is more development across Texas as natural gas companies produce more domestic natural gas to put to work for both the Texas and U.S. economy and clean energy future. In fact, thanks to further expansion and development, it is estimated that the Barnett Shale could produce a third of total U.S. gas supply by 2025. Newfound natural gas supplies in the area are expected to add one million years of employment and $100 billion to Texas' economy through 2015. Additionally, companies are now able to tap the vast resources of the Eagle Ford Shale - a wide geographic area stretching from the Mexican border in South Texas into East Texas. Although the Eagle Ford is a relatively new Texas shale play, figures suggest it may be one of the largest onshore oil and natural gas discoveries in the past half century - at least as large as the Barnett Shale, and maybe even larger.

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