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Saturday, December 18, 2010

EPA Wrong - Barnett Shale Gas NOT in Water Wells (courtesy of Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter)

A recent report conducted by The Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter research team disputes the findings of the EPA regarding the contamination of two private domestic water wells in Parker County. Here is a link to Powell's report:
Powell Barnett Shale Research Report


Tim Ruggiero said...

No mention of the isotopic fingerprinting the EPA conducted that EPA states is the evidence of Range Resources being the responsible party. Also, no consideration was given to even the possibility of a well bore compromise. To Powell's point (and Powell rarely finds any worng doing on any natural gas exporation or development) the laterals are thousands of feet deep. How can anyone be absolutley certain the casing, piping or cement hasn't been compromised?

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! TRRC stands around for months trying to figure out what happened and this magazine pops up and figures it out in 2 weeks.

D.G. Worley said...

Tim - I welcome comments from both sides of this issue, and certainly appreciate your input. Hopefully others will join with their comments.

D.G. Worley said...

A footnote to all. Please keep all comments within civil boundaries. Personal or racial attacks on individuals will not be permitted or posted.

Anonymous said...

A very good looking blog site, Mr. Worley.

You mentioned in your comment above that you welcome both sides in discussing gas drilling and development issues. That'd be refreshing, especially if you offer a perspective from those who work in the industry side.

I don't know that you are bringing experience and perspective from the industry side. But if you are, your blog would be making a valuable contribution in facilitating a constructive and respectful discussion about this critical issue, one that impacts always every aspects of our lives as individuals, families, and communities.

I have this hope because up to now, there has mostly been the two sides, industry and their most outspoken critics, shouting at each other..with most regular folks like me caught in the middle trying to sort out hard facts from heated rhetoric.

I do not accept the black and white contrast between "activists"/critics and industry, especially those trying to make a living in their businesses/jobs related to the industry. I believe that many of these industry workers are different from corporation types and are people with a lot more in common with rest of us in the community.

In any event, the more facts and perspectives the better for all of us. Not the least of whom are the people drilling the wells, fracking, piping, removing the waste water, etc. because they're exposed to the potentially dangerous practices, materials, and byproducts than the general public. They are people like us with children and families they love and who love them.

Basically, we need to put people before profits and/or politics. All people. Like the way Mayor Tillman has exemplied, even in the midst of very heated battles that he had found himself.

Keep up the good work.