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Monday, February 08, 2010

Gas Wells/Pipelines Hill County, TX

Quicksilver's Norris 1-H unit south of Blum, TX.

The sun shines and then sets on Cowtown Pipeline's gathering lines just west of the Norris unit in Hill county.


Patrick Lafferty said...

got any shots of the young h-1 unit?

D.G. Worley said...

I'll try and get something posted soon. I usually make the trip from Tarrant county to Hill county once a week. I haven't looked at the pooling document for the Young 1-H, are you pooled in that lease?

D.G. Worley said...

Patrick, I see that you are indeed pooled in this unit. The well was completed in 05/2009 - but remained unperfed through 10/2009. The TX/RRC shows a final completed status. I am assuming that the frac has been completed and the unit is online - correct?