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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cornerstone E & P Lasater 1H Unit

The Lasater 1H is located 3.6 miles northeast of Huron on FM 934. Cornerstone L&P has employed Felderhoff Brothers to drill the unit.

Cornerstone 3H Updates 9/20/08

The 3H continues to maintain steady numbers.
The gas lift at the 3H unit. Click on the term "gas lift" for a definition.

Cornerstone 1H Updates 9/20/08

Volume shows a small natural decline, but remains on par with other wells in the area.

Cornerstone 2H Updates 9/20/08

The Cornestone units remain steady producers for Forest Oil.
Total Gas Lift at the 2H Unit. Click on the word Gas Lift for an explanation of what that process is all about.

Fences going up at Cornerstone Units

A fence crew was installing chain link fences around the Cornerstone 1H and 2H units today.

Aquilla - Testing the Southern Limits of the Barnett Shale

Aspect Abundant Shale's DL Gerik 1V unit is just a stone's throw from EOG's unperfed TAM unit.

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik Production

The Dennis-Gerik lease, just north of Aquilla, TX continues to hold steady, with production numbers between 400-500MCF/day.
Obviously not classified as a "monster" well, the unit continues to remain at consistant levels. This is the southernmost producing well in Hill county so far.

The Gerik flowmeter sits adjacent to Aquilla Station, home to Conoco Phillips and Lonestar-Midstream's pipeline gathering infrastructure in Hill county.

Duke 6H Lease Production 9/20/08

A look at Friday's volume shows current production has dropped from the prior week. However, there was no production today as noted by the "final sales" reading below. No clue as to why the well was offline.
Total Volume is quite impressive so far.
The zero flow rate shows that the 6H was offline today.

Chesapeake's "Peaceful" Lease in Tarrant

A Trinidad drilling rig spuds an urban gas well in the City of Ft. Worth. Two horizontals will crack the Barnett formation directly below Laurel Land cemetery on Crowley Road.

Country Roads near Aquilla lake

Years ago children waited at this country school bus stop on HCR 2127, or so I was told.
A boat ramp into Aquilla Lake on HCR 2127.
The lake has dropped considerably from the levels seen a year ago.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gas Power in Tarrant County

Most of Tarrant county's public transportation runs on natural gas, while touting Chesapeake Energy and the Barnett Shale.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something NEW for Hill County

I was recently asked by the editor of The Bluff Line Times to write an article on gas drilling in Hill county. The Times, aka the "BLT", is an eclectic periodic publication celebrating and promoting the "Good Folks" Network in Hill and Surrounding counties. Click on the documents below to read my attempt at journalism, and to learn more about this great newsletter.

The Bluff Line Times Newsletter for Hill Co

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Duke Unit - SWEET Spot in Hill Co?

The first readings of production from Forest Oil's first frac'd Duke Unit, just east of Peoria. Could this be Hill county's sweet spot?
According to the TX/RRC this is the largest IP volume recorded in the Hill county Barnett so far. (Thanks to my friend William Morrison, aka 'Oilguy' for verifying those stats)

Gathering Meter Station on Hwy 22

These meters record production volume from the Duke lease. One meter is for the lease, the other for 'final sales' shown in photos below.
These meters show a large volume in a relatively short time period.

Range Resources Aquilla Units Pad

The entrance to Range Resources newly constructed padsite. It will be home to the Aquilla 1H and 2H units. The site is on Farm Rd. 1947, just south of Peoria.

Cornerstone 2H Production 9/12/08