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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Production Updates Cornerstone 2H

Main compressor at the 2H unit.

Production Updates Cornerstone 1H Unit

1H GL Volume
Main Flowmeter Volume Total
Looking down on the flowmeters powered by the solar panels mounted above them.

Quicksilver's Johnson/Hill Land & Mineral Unit

UDI is drilling QS Resources Johnson/Hill Unit approx. 1.5 miles south of FM 934 and 1/2 mile east of FM 933.
Rig #221, used to drill the Shelby South Unit on FM 934 is being used on this unit.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Signage in Hillsboro, TX

Bond out, then grab a bite to eat in Hillsboro. Not endorsing these establishments, just an observation while passing through.

Patterson Rig's Up 3rd Duke Unit

After completing the first Duke well Patterson UTI rigs up to drill the 3rd unit. Pioneer is also drilling horizonatals on this 1500 acre lease just east of Peoria ,TX.

Forest's Cornerstone 2H GL Updates

GL accumulation on the 2H is much greater than the 1H. (Please forgive camera reflection in flow window).

Forest's Cornerstone 2H Updates

Cornerstone 1H Wellhead

Horizon hauls millions of gallons of water to wells in Hill and surrounding counties.
The latest 1H numbers. (please forgive the camera reflection in the flowmeter window)

Cornerstone 1H Updates

Entrance to Forest Oil's Cornerstone 1H and 2H units south of Whitney, TX in Hill county.
GL Total Volume: 404 MCF
Prior days volume 30.2 MCF

Quicksilver's East Cletus Marsalis 1H

Total accumulated volume: 112658.2 MCF, Flowrate: 612.4 MCF/day, Yesterday's Volume: 563.4 MCF.

This unit is just east of FM 933 on Hwy 174, northeast of Blum.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chesapeake 'Mountain' in Tarrant County

Chesapeake has built a pad about 2 blocks west of our Tarrant county residence. It resembles a small mountain. Hopefully we will be pooled in this unit.