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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Forest's Cornerstone 2H GL Updates

GL accumulation on the 2H is much greater than the 1H. (Please forgive camera reflection in flow window).

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Anonymous said...

Th"GL" signififcation you asked for info about is as follows: It means "Gas Lift" and those meters so marked record the amount of gas pumped via compressor, down the annulus between the casing and tubing that open gas lift valves installed in the tubing. This helps lift water from the tubing and increase gas production. It looks like both Cornerstone wells are on gas lift and responding well. You keep track of that gas for various reasons, mainly because you usually purchase gas lift gas from the pipeline and in many cases, you start off wells with a gas lift compressor before they are producing gas on their own. Later as gas flow increases you "borrow" your gas lift volumes from the production gas. It looks like the wells are injecting a small of amount of gas down the backside.