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Sunday, July 27, 2008

UDI Drills Quicksilver's Shelby S.

The rig is up and the Barnett Shale gas show is underway about 5 miles south of Blum, on FM 934.

Cotton and Gas

Survey stakes mark possible site for Aspect Energy's Gerik 2H drill, south of Aquilla.
Experimenting with new varieties of 'King' cotton.

Aspect Energy's Dennis-Gerik 1H Unit

Currently this is Hill county's southernmost producing Barnett well.
The flowmeter for this unit is not on the lease site. It's located about a quarter of a mile away, next to Aquilla Station.

Dennis-Gerik Lease (cont)

A look at gathering lines and control valves around Aquilla Station.

Cornerstone 2H Production 7/26/2008

Latest readings from Forest Oil's Cornerstone 1H and 2H units. (Please click on images to enlarge them).

Cornerstone 1H Production 7/26/2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Forest Oil's S. Central Hill Activity

One can see from the map Forest Oil's current active drilling presence both north and southwest of Lake Aquilla in Hill county.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dusk settles over Hill County

Quicksilver's Shelby South pad is complete and waiting on a rig to spud the drill.
Water transfer pipe lays disassembled after completed frac of the Cornerstone 1H well.

Cornerstone 1H Production 7/18/2008

First numbers from the Cornerstone 1H unit look very good. The numbers show a flow rate of 2113.2 MCF/day. Flowback folks indicate that the rate is around 2.3 MCF/daily. (please forgive camera reflection in meter window).

Cornerstone 2H Production 7/18/2008

Following the installation of a larger compressor, total production is growing at a faster pace at the 2H unit.
Flow rates have increased by several hundred thousand cubic ft/day from readings obtained on 7/10/08.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tarrant County Urban Seismic

The hunt continues in pinpointing the right locations for urban gas drilling in prolific Tarrant county. This seismic cable and geophone are but one of many that grace the booming commercial properties near I-20 and Bryant-Irvin Rd. in SW Ft. Worth.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cornerstone 2H Compression Upgrade

A recent upgrade to the compression system at the 2H unit has improved production. Photos of the flowmeter readings were indistinguishable due to poor lighting conditions at dusk. I did get a video of the readings, which will be available later.
The actual readings at the 2H were:
Total Accumulated Volume -
66769.5 MCF
Flow Rate - 842.6 MCF
Yesterday's Volume -
946.4 MCF
All of these readings have improved with the installation of the new compressor.
Sun sets on the 2H lease site.

Entrance to Cornerstone 1H Frac

Fortunately I was able to keep my camera turned on while observing some of the frac process at the 1H unit.
Transfer lines carry water from a large tank to the 1H location during the fracing process. The tank is about 3/4 mile south of the actual drill.
Water is sucked from frac tanks by 'blenders' to a tub, where it is mixed with chemicals and sand. It is then pumped down into the well under extreme pressure, which fractures the shale.

Forest Oil's Duke Lease

A picture 'postcard' look at the first of at least 10 wells on the Duke lease located between Hillsboro and Peoria. Looking SW, Hwy 22 can be seen in the foreground.

Another pad under construction on the Duke lease. This unit will literally be within a stone's throw of 'downtown' Peoria.
The mud pit for the second drill site.