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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cordell's - Hot Spot in Hill County

Look close, you might see the fry guy' picking up a sandwich and soda. This place has been busier than Wal-Mart lately.

Pipelines and Wells near Woodbury/Osceola

EOG gathering line ROW (HCR 309).
One of several wells for Radke.
What a difference a week makes. 42" line cleaned, drained, and covered on FM 934 near Osceola.
Taking a brief rest before moving on up the line.

Woodbury Landmarks

The old volunteer fire Department
Old Glory - God Bless America!
Historical Texas Landmark
'You can trust your car to the man who wears the star'. Service station/Pecans/Domino Parlor/used car lot.

Holden Lease HCR 1313 - Woodbury sights

EOG's Holden lease site on HCR 1313, awaiting the next available rig
Pecan Pipeline survey stakes cross 1313 moving past the Holden Lease.
Woodbury, TX. Smalltown USA.

ETP covers 42" line N of 174

Looking north towards Cleburne. 42" line is buried and waiting to move gas to market.

Bluebonnets beginning to dot the countryside.

Are we still in Hill county?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

ETP's Transmission Line Cleanout and 9MM Gallon Pressure Release Video

Click on the title above for a direct link to a recent video of Energy Transfer's 42" transmission line cleanout and 9 million gallon water dump near Osceola. Had the privilege of witnessing the event with my good friend Paul, better known as the 'fry guy'.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Burt Lease (EOG Rig Up and Running)

EOG leads the charge in Hill county.
The 'fry guy' on hand for the water dump festivities.
Your's truly.
'Dead Head' Creek. One of fry's favorite fishing holes. Never know what your going to pull out of this tranquil stream.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Try Pokin' a Pig Through a Pipe

ETP's pressure test dump and 'pig' cleaning the interior of their 42" transmission line near Osceola.
The interior of the pipeline on the left is being cleaned by a device called a 'pig', moving from the south to the north. Ever stand next to a jet! The line on the right has been pressure tested and the 9 million gallons of water is being dumped into a large rectangular 'tank' lined with bales of hay.
The filtering tank.

Monday, March 19, 2007

'fry guy' and family

My good friend Paul and his three goat guard dogs.
Nice lookin' brood fry - Not you, your dogs.....just kidding my friend.

ETP's 9 Million Gallon Pressure Release

Preparation for release of water from ETP's 42" transmission line near Osceola. (all photos courtesy of the 'fry guy')
Hay Bale filtering system for water release. Update: fry reports that the release soaked the entire area and prevented further 'up close' pictures.

Anything Oil and Gas

'Anything Oil and Gas' is a great new website that will answer any questions you have concerning all aspects of the industry. The title is a direct link to the site.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

EOG's Pecan Pipeline Co. starts survey

These pipeline survey stakes are about 100 ft from my property! YES!
40 miles of 12" and 20" gathering lines are being planned for southern Hill county.

ETP Travels Under Hwy near Blum

Nighthawk facilities near FM 933, just NE of Blum.
More 'signs' of the times on main street in Cleburne.

Craig-Davis Lease Continues Flare

Think they put these things close enough to the flare.....YIKES!