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Monday, January 11, 2010

Quicksilver's Shelby 1H-2H Drill

QRI's rig is up and the drill is underway at the Shelby lease in N. central Hill county. This view was taken from FM 3049 looking west.
The Shelby lease from FM 934.
Peoria Baptist just south of Peoria, between Hillsboro and Whitney,TX.

PVR Gathering Pipeline in S. Central Hill County

This gathering complex was once home to three Duke lease flowmeters. PVR/Forest has removed some of the valves and meters from this system located on Hwy 22, between Hillsboro and Peoria.

Loose bolts are a sure sign that part of the gathering lines have been dismantled.

Forest's Duke Production 1/11/2010

Flow rate at the Duke units in Hill county have dropped dramatically during the past several months. Enter "Duke production" in Google's "Search this Blog" box for previous readings.