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Monday, August 24, 2009

Quicksilver's Lowell-Williams Unit

Currently the only drilling in Hill county's Barnett is Quicksilver's Lowell-Williams unit being drilled by UDI. The lease is south of Ranch Rd. 67 on HCR 1430.

Other than being "spooked" by the occasional banging of a random drill pipe these cattle seem fairly content, but still maintain a safe distance from the rig.

Forest Oil's Duke Units in Hill Co.

Forest has completed 4 of 10 permitted Duke horizontals in Hill county. With depressed natural gas prices, and Forest concentrating their efforts in other shale plays, it's anyone's guess when they will return to their Barnett holdings.

Chesapeake Closes Disposal Well in Cleburne, TX

Following recent concerns regarding a possible connection with salt water injection wells and seismic activity in Cleburne, Chesapeake has temporarily closed this disposal facility, located at Hwy 174 and Hwy 171, just south of Cleburne.

XTO's Urban Drilling in Tarrant County

Cactus Drilling drills the LMRA MONT DEL B 4H Unit off South Hulen in Ft. Worth.

The drill site and rig are visible from the parking lot of a neighborhood Walmart.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cotton Fields of Hill County

King Cotton sits atop the throne once again in many parts of Texas. Hill county is no exception.

It appears that this right-of-way needs some prompt attention.

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik Unit

Production continues at Hill County's southernmost producing gas well.
PVR's right-of-way next to Aquilla station in southern Hill County.

Mesquite Tree Grubbing

The one sure way to get rid of pesky mesquites is to grub them out. These are just a small sampling of
trees removed from a friend's property near Lake Aquilla.

Forest Oil's Cornerstone 3H Unit

Production numbers remain steady at this south central Hill county location.

Gas Lift readings

Cornerstone E & P Gathering Line

Cornerstone strings pipe in Hill County parallel to FM 934. Ranch Rd 3049 is in the foreground.
The line runs adjacent to the Lasater Unit seen in the next photo as well.