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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik Unit

Production has fallen considerably since this well was completed in March 2008. However, numbers are up slightly from a prior reading.

The main gathering line at Aquilla Station was designed to accomodate several more gathering and lateral lines from the north, south and east.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Production from Southern Hill County

Readings from Forest Oil's Cornerstone 3H unit continue to dominate the updates on this blog site. Most of the other units in this area are locked and inaccessible.

Normally, production is available at the Gerik 1H unit. Activity at the site today prevented any readings.

Energy Source Moves Down the Tracks

A BNSF freight train moves through Rio Vista on the rails adjacent to Hwy 174.
This set of engines pushes the load down the line.
The same train nearing the crossing just north of Blum on Farm Rd. 933

Rail cars filled with coal are a common site on these tracks.

Hot and Hotter

A recent trip to Hill county reveals that the summer heat in N. Texas continues to be unrelenting.

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik 1H Unit

Volume has slowed considerably during the past year at this unit.

Forest's Cornerstone 3H Unit

A fresh coat of paint brightens up the wellhead and tank battery at the 3H.

Units on HCR 1212

J-W Operating's Craig-Davis Unit completed in December 2006 is but one of several units located in this immediate area.

Quicksilver's Miller and Hasselstrom Unit are just a stone's throw to the north.

A local property appears to be locked down for the day.

Mesquite Grubbing

Evidence of mesquite grubbing off FM 310 in south central Hill county. A closer look beyond the mobile homes in the foreground reveals piles of downed mesquites.

Piles of bark mulch have been dumped on a property just south of FM 310

Southern Hill County Production

Forest Oil's Cornerstone 3H unit south of Whitney.

Frac Tank on Farm Rd. 933 sits idle due to lull in drilling activity. Rains have kept the areas frac and stock tanks at levels near capacity.