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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Forest Oil's Duke Units Production

Meters on Hwy 22 (between Hillsboro and Peoria, TX) reveal production numbers for the Duke units. These wells continue to produce good numbers.

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik 1H Production

The Gerik pad/well site sit beyond a rusting cattle guard in the middle of a large corn field.

To my knowledge this unit is Hill county's southernmost producing gas well in the Barnett Shale formation.

Aquilla Station has gone to the Birds!

Aquilla Station, in far southern Hill county, is home to Conoco Phillips pipeline gathering systems.
Immediately adjacent to Aquilla Station is the new home of Lonestar-Midstream's gathering system hub.

Hidden beneath the Gerik flowmeter sits a carefully crafted nest that provides a cozy home to some newborns.

Pipeline Right-of-Way in Hill Co.

Midstream/Conoco Phillips transmission line ROW in southern Hill county.

Dozed trees just west of Lake Aquilla dam on FM 310.

Forest's Cornerstone 3H Production

This unit has remained a steady producer since it's completion a year ago.

Gas continues to flow at better than a half million CF daily. This is one of Hill county's southernmost producing gas wells. The unit is located approx. 5 miles south of Whitney, TX just west of farm road 933.