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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cornerstone 3H Production 12/28/08

Cornerstone 3H Gas Lift 12/28/08

Guages and meters are wrapped tightly in a winter coat made of insulation and duct tape.

Cornerstone 1H and 2H Units

Unlike the Cornerstone 3H, the 1H and 2H units are not accessible for production readings.
Even with the gates locked tight, both units appear to be producing. A shared compressor pushes gas to a main gathering line about 1/2 mile east of this location.

Nice Weather for a Playday

Lots of folks with trailer loads of horses enjoy a beautiful afternoon on FM 310, near the west end of Lake Aquilla. Hey, I know this place!

I should have stopped for a closer look but was pressed for time, as usual.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter Colors are Deceiving

Looking at these pictures taken 3 weeks ago one would never believe it reached a record 83 degrees today in D/FW. Unless of course you are a native Texan.

Dual Rigs near Lake Benbrook

Twin rigs operate atop a hill near Hwy 377. The site overlooks Lake Benbrook in Tarrant county. This area has been a hot spot for EnCana Oil and Gas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Powerchutes in Hill County - Looks Like FUN!

Friday was a beautiful day for taking off into the wild blue aboard one of Craig McPherson's Powerchutes. This picture was taken above Ranch Road 3049 south of Blum.

XTO's Watson A-1H Pad Site

XTO has just started construction of a pad for their Watson #A-1H drill just north of HCR 1221 on FM 933. This is just north of the Thousand Trails camp grounds, and about 4.5 miles NNW of Whitney.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Forest's Cornerstone 3H 12/14/08

Total gas production at the 3H unit closes in on 200 million cubic feet. The 3H seems to be the most consistant producer of the 3 Cornerstone units.

Gas production numbers have remained steady for many months making the 3H the best producing unit to date in far southern Hill county.

Cornerstone 3H Gas Lift 12/14/08

Thumper Parking in Rear

A lone seismic "thumper" truck sits behind a "heap silo" on FM 933 near Lake Aquilla. Along with exploration, seismic has slowed in many areas of the Barnett Shale.
Silo in southern Hill county.

D.L. Gerik I-V Unit

The frac tanks and equipment seen in this 12/8 photo were gone as of yesterday, 12/14.

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik 1H Unit

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik 1H lease near Aquilla, TX.
This photo taken 12/8 was the first to show the missing LED readout on the Dennis-Gerik flowmeter.

Several gathering lines glisten in the sun at Aquilla Station.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Quicksilver's Norris 1H-7H Units

Not sure which Norris horizontal unit this is, but 7 wells is a lucky number on any property.

Looking south from the Norris lease toward the McPherson Dairy.