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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chesapeake's Burleson Elks Units

First time I've seen a "Not Hiring" sign posted at any unit. With declining gas prices, it could be a sign of the times.

Goober Drilling disassembles the soundproof barrier on this Johnson county unit.

Forest's Cornerstone 3H

Forest Oil's Cornerstone 3H unit, about 5 miles south of Whitney, TX.

Production has dropped off slightly, but has held up well for many months.

Cornerstone 3H Gas Lift

Dennis-Gerik Production Volume

Aquilla Station is home to Aspect Energy's Dennis-Gerik flowmeter.

Range Resource's Aquilla Unit

It appears that Range's Aquilla drill is complete and cranes are being moved in to lower the rig to the ground platform on the right.

Hill County's Duke Lease

Production for the Duke Lease were taken from meters on Hwy 22, east of Peoria, TX.

Duke Lease Sales Numbers

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the Square in Hillsboro

The old Montgomery Wards building is the future site of the Hillsboro Music Hall.
Frenkie's Italian Restaurant across the alley boasts some tasty dishes.
An autumn sunset viewed from N. Waco street.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Duke Units - SWEET Success

I'm hoping to itemize each unit seperately soon. At least 5 of the 10 proposed horizontal units have been completed.

These flow rates continue to amaze me as Hill's greatest Barnett producers to date. Good job FOREST!

Forest's Duke Lease's Look Good

Range Resources Aquilla Unit

The drill bit is apparently still turning at either the 1H or 2H Aquilla Unit just south of Peoria.
You will pass this 150 year old church by heading south from Peoria on Farm Rd 1947.

Cornerstone 3H Production Updates

It appears that production remains steady at the 3H unit. I hope that the Cornerstone 1H and 2H units are steady as well. Both of those units are no longer accessible.

A slight drop in volume is noted for 10/16.

Cornerstone 3H Gas Lift Readings

I appreciate Mr. Burris letting me access his property to obtain readings. By the way, I did close the gate upon leaving.