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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Range Resources Aquilla Unit on FR 1947

Range Resources continues to drill the Aquilla 1H unit about 1 mile south of Peoria, TX.
Looking north at the Aquilla Unit from FM 1934.

Aspect's Hokit Unit near Abbott

NorAm Drilling has rigged up Aspect Energy's Hokit Unit about 2 miles west of Abbott, TX. At only 4 miles north of the McLennan county line this is currently the southernmost drill in Hill county.
Permitted back in May, the pad was reported completed just 5 days ago. These guys move fast when the action finally starts.

The high road leads north on FM 933.

The low road leads to the Hokit unit.

Cornerstone 2H Production 10/21/2008

Cornerstone 2H production shows slight decline.

Cornerstone 3H Meters Inaccessible

Recent rains have prevented obtaining production numbers at Forest's Cornerstone 3H Unit.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gas Prices Lowest in Burleson, Texas

I observed large price variations across Tarrant, Hill and Johnson counties today, ranging from this low in Burleson, to a high of 2.89 in Cleburne. Joshua came in at 2.55, and Whitney 2.77. Quiktrip in Tarrant was 2.68.
Haven't seen pump prices this low in many moons.

Well Flaring on HCR 1350 near Hwy 171

Different shades of light highlight a well flaring just north of Hillsboro.
Not sure if this was a Range Resources or EOG unit. I didn't see a sign.

Patterson Drills the Duke Lease 8H

Patterson UTI rig grinds it's drillbit downward into the Barnett.
New pipeline and flowmeter added.
The Duke Unit 6H meter.
Production appears virtually unchanged from the previous week's readings.

Forest's Duke Units Line Hwy 22

Frac work is underway, or has been completed on at least 4 of the 10 Duke horizontal units. It's hard to tell for certain as I have been unable to access these wells.

Water transfer pipes run east to west to a large frac tank in the middle of the units.

Sights Around S. Central Hill County

A beautiful Friday afternoon in Peoria, TX.
The Baptist Church in Peoria has been here much longer than the gas wells that surround this small Hill county community.
Range Resources has rigged up the first of 2 horizontal wells on the Aquilla lease.
Horizon Vacuum Services has erected a sign at their frac tank facility on FM 933 and HCR 2126.
Water transfer lines lay patiently in the sun awaiting the trip to their next destination.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cornerstone 2H Production 10/17/08

Water stands at both the 2H and 3H Units following the much welcomed recent rain.

Cornerstone 1-H Unit Remains Locked

With production dropping at the 2-H Unit I assume that the 1-H has probably fallen as well. Numerous operators are cutting back production due to very low natural gas prices. Current prices have fallen over 50% from last year.

High Water Prevents Readings for 3-H

Recent rains left water standing in many areas of Hill county. This water was at least 4-5 inches deep. Last week I removed my shoes and waded in when it was a bit shallower.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Colorful Autumn Wildflowers

Recent Rains in Hill County

Water transfer pipes rest on the upper edge of a large frac tank at FM 933 and HCR 2126. More wells will be drilled in this area.
Rains leave fields in a marsh like state. The rain was much needed in the area.
A closer look behind this area reveals at least four "thumper" trucks waiting to continue seismic when things dry out a bit.

Cornerstone 3H Production 10/8/2008