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Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Signs' of the Times in Tarrant County

Neighborhood associations across Tarrant county continue to negotiate with operators, receiving record bonus and royalty numbers for urban leases. These 'holdouts' in SW Fort Worth are but a handful in the area.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hill County Grass Fire

A tip of the hat to the numerous volunteer firefighters who managed to contain and extinguish a grass fire about 2 miles south of Whitney, on Wednesday June 25th. I happened to be in the area and noticed large plumes of smoke rising just south of Forest Oil's Cornerstone leases on FM 933. Pumper trucks from several different communities, including Whitney, Lakeview, Abbott, Aquilla and Peoria worked for several hours in 100+ degree heat to bring the fire under control. It was not a tremendously large fire, but it's location near several recent gas well drills was the main concern.
It's seemingly insignificant events like this that rarely make the evening news, but I felt these guys and gals needed to be commended on a great job.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patterson Begins Duke Lease Drills

Forest Oil kicked off their Duke lease drills this week. Activity began on the first of at least 9 gas wells on 1400+ acres just east of Peoria.

Grass Fire Between Whitney and Aquilla

Looking north on FM 933 from HCR 2126 as pumper trucks from several rural communities battle a large grass fire.
Units from at least five local communities fought the blaze for several hours.
The fire was confined to the east side of FM 933 near a large water tank being used to frac area gas wells.
The numerous trees and thick undergrowth made fighting this fire extremely difficult. The volunteer firefighters kept the fire from threatening several gas wells in the area.

Pinner 1H Drill Completed

With this drill complete, Patterson has moved it's rig to the Duke lease.
This unit has apparently been fraced and is waiting completion to go online.
The smoke from a large grass fire can be seen in the distance behind the Gus Jones 2H drill. Thankfully this unit was not threatened.

Forest's Gus Jones 1H is Online

According to this chart the Gus Jones 1H appears to have been online for about approximately 3 days.
The chart readings correspond with the flowmeter readings.

Pinner 2H Pad Patiently Awaits Rig

With the 1H drill complete the Pinner 2H padsite sits idle, but only for the moment.
Looks can be deceiving. The dust from hundreds of trucks leaves a coating on the fence and trees that resembles a winter ice storm. However, the temperature here was over 100 degrees.

Sunset through the Rain

The sun sets in Johnson county where some were fortunate enough to get a small amount of much needed rain.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Completed Cornerstone 1H Drill

The wellhead is all that remains at the 1H unit following Pioneer Drilling's exit.
*Blogger would not cooperate today with photo uploading and descriptions. Some of the photos posted today did not coordinate well with what is stated.*

Forest's Updated Cornerstone 2H Numbers

Cornerstone 2H total production. The 3H readings were not accessible due to heavy equipment activity.

Forest's Pinner and Jones Units

Deep in south central Hill county Forest has several drills and frac jobs going on at once.

Recently completed pad site awaits a rig.

Forest's Drilling Frenzy in Southern Hill

The Pinner 1H.

Patterson drills the Pinner 1H with the Gus Jones 2H in the background.

Gus Jones 2H unit.

Flowback on the recently fraced Gus Jones 1H.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Range Resources Flares Yancey Wells

Range flares a couple of it's Yancey units on Hwy 171 near Covington. (photos courtesy of Paul Frysinger)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Video Analysis of the Barnett Shale for Hill & Palo Pinto Counties

Cornerstone 3H Production Updates

Daily production remains fairly steady, seeing only a modest decline.

Cornerstone 2H Updates for 6/12/2008

The wellhead or 'Christmas tree' has been marked with an new identifier.

Volume numbers for the 2H.
Total take away from the Cornerstone 2H.

Forest's Cornerstone Activity

Lease identifier's have been placed at the dust covered entrance to several of Forest's drills.
The Cornerstone 1H drill continues. It shouldn't be long before the rig comes down and fracturing begins.
A closer look at the 1H.
Lateral lines make their way towards Lonestar-Midstream's recently completed gathering system, less than a half mile away.
The gas lines will run almost due east away from the 1H.