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Friday, May 30, 2008

Barnett Shale Job Fair - May 31, 2008

Click HERE for directions.

Cornerstone 3H Production Updates

5/29/2008 flowmeter readings show that the 3H is currently outproducing the 2H well.

Cornerstone 2H Production Updates

5/29/2008 flowmeter readings.

Forest Oil's Cornerstone 1H

Every foot down is another step closer to production at Forest Oil's Cornerstone 1H, south of Whitney.
The blue sky and wispy white clouds paint a nice backdrop at this site as Pioneer's rig towers above the doghouse sitting on the catwalk below.
Barring any unforeseen setbacks, this drill should be completed sooner than later.

Sights of Johnson and Tarrant Counties

The recently refurbished Johnson county courthouse.
Tarrant county courthouse at dusk.
Chesapeake Energy's new Tarrant county headquarters. Chesapeake purchased the recently completed Pier 1 office tower.
XTO and others bid for leases spanning most of downtown Ft. Worth.
Downtown 'Cowtown' shines as night falls.

Forest's Duke Pads Taking Shape

Different stages of pad construction for the Duke leases on Hwy 22 between Peoria and Hillsboro.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cornerstone 2H Compressor Maintenance

The current compressor at the Cornerstone 2H site. This unit will be replaced with a larger unit capable of handling all 3 Cornerstone units.

A maintenance worker with USA Compession indicated that a larger compressor is forthcoming. The current compressor above is not large enough to handle all three Cornerstone units.

Forest's Cornerstone 3H is Online

Using the flow rate below, the accumulated volume indicates the well has been online for approx a week. Seems to be putting up numbers greater than the 2H.
The Cornerstone 3H has been fractured and is now online.
Well Identifier
A flowrate that is currently outpacing the Cornerstone 2H.
Daily volume looking pretty decent.

Quicksilver's Dudley Farms Unit

Quicksilver takes over an old Devon lease with a drill just northwest of Blum, TX.

Cornerstone 2H Updates from 5/23/08

Added about 5.3 MMCF to accumulated total since last reading on 5/17/08.

Circular Recording Chart - Cornerstone 2H

A Chartpool USA device that measures natural gas. This device records temperature, pressure, humidity, and other parameters of a well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Aspect's Dennis-Gerik 1H Lease

The Nabors drill and frac is complete, and is now online. The wellhead basks in the mid-afternoon Hill county sunshine.
The flowmeter receives energy from the solar panel above it.
Separater tanks tower over the pad.
A glance down at what once was a flurry of activity.
Looking just northwest of Aquilla Station, the gas taken away from this unit makes its way to market.

Cornerstone 2H Wellhead and 1H Drill

Forest Oil's Cornerstone 2H wellhead sits against the backdrop of a Pioneer rig drilling the 1H unit.
Flowmeter identifier and readings.
Flow Rate varies quickly with each passing moment.
Not sure how long the unit has been online, but these are the numbers so far.