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Friday, October 26, 2007

Chesapeake's Edgecliff Facility

Chesapeake is building a large facility just one block north of our Tarrant county residence.
The pad is built on an incline and is permitted for Edgecliff leases 3H and 4H.
Standing in my driveway to take this picture. Guess we'll be use to the noise since I-35 is only one block to our east.

Lonestar-Midstream Pipe Stringing

Growing Infrastructure in Southern Hill

ROW clearing on HCR 1313 just south of EOG's Strickland lease.

Sights on HCR 1313

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aspect's 'Gerik Trust' waits to go Online

'Friday Night Lights' lineup in smalltown U.S.A.

Aquilla Station

ConocoPhillips 'Aquilla Station', just north of EOG's TAM and Aspect's Gerik lease.

New valves 'bask in the sun' awaiting installation by Lonestar-Midstream.
Looking northward from Aquilla Station towards FM 310, several miles in the distance. This route will soon be home to Hill county's latest gas pipeline infrastructure.

Lonestar-Midstream Pipeline Prep FM 310

Just West of Lake Aquilla dam, on FM 310, workers prepare an entry for heavy equipment.

Looking south toward Aquilla station, land has been cleared for the latest addition to Hill county's pipeline infrastructure.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seismic, Pipelines & Hay Harvest

Seismic activity off of FM 1534 just south of Whitney, TX.
Lot's of drilling activity near Osceola.
Energy Transfer's 42" pipeline lays quietly beneath this serene pasture next to FM 934.
Hay Harvest lined up pretty and straight. Great crop this year.
Nothing like the smell of fresh mown hay. These bales are wrapped up like so many Christmas gifts.

Sights in and near Blum TX

Certainly doesn't appear to be a 'jackrabbit' roaming the streets.
The Blum Bobcats were fired up for their recent 'Homecoming'.
'Friday Night Lights' will soon be appearing in Smalltown America.
Salty's Injection well off of Hwy 174 near FM 933.
Automated High Volume Fuel Station is taking shape.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Lonestar-Midstream - South Central Hill

Percheron Acquisitions has secured ROW for the Lonestar-Midstream pipeline in south central Hill county that will parallel the old Conoco Phillips pipeline.
The old liquid transmission line crosses FM 310
Current plans will take it across numerous properties near Lake Aquilla's western border.