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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Put Out to Pasture - Job Well Done!

I've plowed many a row, straight and true. I'll bet with a fresh coat of paint, some air in my tires, and a minor bit of mechanical work, I could still bust up that back-forty.
Same goes for me - Let's HAUL!
I believe I've heard of this place.
These names look very familiar.
Glad to see some water in the stock tanks - wherever this is.

It's Miller Time!

Unless you're familiar with the area, it's hard to tell a lot about the pipeline activity. Where it's going....
Where it's been.....
But, it really doesn't matter - It's ALL Good!

Infrastructure takes shape in Hill Co.

Nice seam job. Looks like everything is 'coming together' with smaller lines that parallel FM 934.

Pipelines along and across FM 934.

Hill Activity Continues to Heat Up

Heightened activity in these areas of Hill County.

EOG Resources Kimbrell #2H
Kimbrell Unit #2H
Gathering and flowlines awaiting instructions at EOG's Kimbrell #2H.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Drilling Rig Components

Click on the title above the photo to see an illustrated glossary of drilling rig components.

Production Tubing at Craig-Davis Lease

The Craig-Davis was getting the old 'tube job' today. Click on 'title' above the photo for more about the coil tubing installation process.
Very interesting - First time I had seen coil production tubing being installed. Tubing is fed off of a large spool and shoved down into the production casing.
Craig-Davis Lease

Digging down to lay pipeline under Hwy 174 near the Nolan River.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hill County Sunset!

Sights of Hill County, TX. USA

My favorite 'One' stop in Whitney.
'Fry Guy' believes Cordell's should be a Texas Landmark.

Osceola was named for the Seminole Indian leader. Click on the picture for some interesting facts about this old Hill county town.
Devon's Thompson Unit -

Large Pipe Yard south of Cleburne