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Friday, May 19, 2006

Continued Work on the Gerik Lease site

Construction continues on the Gerik lease pad in southern Hill County. If I am not mistaken I believe that digging out the sludge pit will be the next step in the process. I will post additional pictures as work progresses. Also, I plan to take my digital camera next trip, instead of the camera phone.

Aspect Energy's first Hill County Drill

Aspect Energy filed a lease permit for this drill on Tuesday, May the 16th. This is a picture of the new road and cattle guard leading to the pad, which was already being constructed just 2 days later. The rig will sit on the edge of a beautiful cornfield just south of Aquilla on Ronnie Gerik's property.
This lease was filed as a 'vertical' drill, which should provide some good data on just what can be expected from this area which is located in the southernmost part of Hill County.