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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Proposed Pipeline for Hill County

The pipeline will run from north to south just to the east of the Whitney city limits almost to the Brazos River, then it turns almost 90 degrees east and runs below the Aquilla Dam. It then turns back north near the Vaughn cemetery and runs towards Osceola, or so I've been told. I only have a portion of the map that was copied and given to me. Sorry but my scanner wasn't working and I took a digital phot of the copy I had.
It is NOT Willie Kidd quality! Posted by Picasa

Aspect's Proposed Pipeline Infrastructure

Scanner was on the blink so I took a close-up picture of the map with my digital camera. You can see due east of Whitney the pipeline will run north to south then near the Brazos turn back east. Notice the shaded areas are ROW's that are already leased.
This pipeline will enhance the infrastructure for a large part of central and southern Hill county.

Aspect Energy's Pipeline Proposal Map

This is a partial picture of the proposed pipeline in Hill County. This was all of the map that was given to me. I hope it can be seen well enough to see where it travels to and from. The resolution is NOT that great.

Friday, April 14, 2006

God Spilled the Paint!

This picture (courtesy of Susieque) has absolutely nothing to do with oil and gas, but I thought it was really beautiful and just had to share it. I get a very strong feeling it is nowhere near Hill County, Texas!