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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lake Aquilla BEFORE the recent rains

Talk about getting 'down and dirty'. The lake was at it's lowest levels since it was completed.
We still need more rain, LOT's of it! Posted by Picasa

2 -D Seismic Shoot in this area!

Seismic was recently completed by Aspect Energy in this vicinity near Vaughn. Areas around Abbott, West and Penelope were included on the 2-D shoot. Proposed pipeline may come close to this area and curve back west below Lake Aquilla dam before turning 90 degress and heading to east Texas and on to the Gulf coast area.
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Jackrabbit's Blum 'Hideaway'

Jackrabbit's hangout in Blum. It's where Jack goes to relax, now that his lease negotiations are over. You came out smelling like a rose Jack. Not from here - from the lease negotiations! lol
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I think this means YOU!

I recently saw this 'Welcome' sign off of FM 934 near Blanton.
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